Classic Savory Waffles

by Ronika

Hello, mommies and daddies hope you all must be doing good. As we all know it’s a lockdown and you can’t take kids out for meals. And I know by now you all must have kept yourself busy feeding something new to your kids. But what if I say to give your kid the same meal but in a different way. Yes, I did and my baby enjoyed his breakfast. So I made khichdi last day for lunch and usually I prefer soaking my lentils and rice. And then I chopped lots of veggies for which I had to cut down adding the lentils and rice to it. Now I soaked them till evening and made it to a paste. And then I thought I ended up giving him khichdi and we had lots of Uttapam and chilla days last week. Why not give him in a unique way that he would love to see and as well as love to eat. So here comes one of another healthy recipes for you all to make which is not easy and quick but healthy too. Let’s start. 

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