Ajwain (Carom Seeds) Panjiri

by Ronika

Ajwain and Gud Panjiri is yet another Panjiri my mom makes on Krishna Janmashtami. So I thought of making this for my snacks as we all know Ajwain and Gud are both healthy ingredients required for the body. Ajwain helps in controlling the Cholesterol level and maintaining the blood pressure and also aids in digestion. It also has other anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting against bad bacterias in our body and its best remedy for the cough. And Gud (Jaggery) as we all know is the best substitute for sugar. It helps in detoxifying the body, improving blood flow, also makes new blood in the body, prevents constipation, build the immune system. So when both of them have so many benefits why not make something from them and have it during this COVID 19. This Panjiri is what I love most so I thought of making it and include in my snacking. Do write me down what all you make and have from these. Gud is best to maintain body temperature, especially during summers. It aids in cooling the stomach. Do try to make it and write me down how did it go. Before that let’s begin with my recipe.

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