Melted Butterscotch Ice Cream Bundt Cake

by Ronika

Hey all foodies, hope you guys are doing great. Summer vacations are about to get over and schools are about to open soon. So did you all had an amazingly super summer holiday. Before the holidays are over get into the kitchen and enjoy the baking time with your kiddos. Let’s learn this super easy-melted ice cream cake. I have this Butterscotch ice cream resting in my freezer for about a year. Since it’s near its expiry date I thought of using it. I and my husband got this ice cream from an Indian store but it didn’t taste like how it tastes in India. So we never ate it, and I am not a fan of throwing out stuff or wasting them. So I thought why not to use this with the cake mix. And finally, it came out really really great. Let’s see how I made it.

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