Achari Masala Powder

by Ronika

Making Achar in summers with Grand mom was always fun. I still remember when I was a kid I use to spend my entire summer helping my grand Maa with making achar, papad, khichya, chips, rabodi, badi. It was a great learning and wonderful memory that I have and I always cherish it with making the same things at home. I am sure where ever she would be she will be very proud of me. So today I am sharing with you this Achari recipe which I learned from my grand ma and it’s a treasure. Trust me you can make any achaar with this Masala, or can make Achari Aloo, Achari Gobi, Achari paneer, Achari Paratha. Well, today only I made yummy Achari Paratha with it and my husband loved it. So let’s quickly go through the recipe and Learn how to make this.

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