Instant Dhokla

by Ronika

Hey Foodies welcome to my blog, here is an amazing recipe for you and as the name says it all its Dhokla. Dhokla is traditional snack or breakfast of Gujarat. People make it through the basics like soaking lentil and making batter. But when you are in rush you can also make this with Besan (Gram Flour). The key to make the dhokla right is the consistency of the batter and the proper steaming time. If you steam it more it would get red in color from bottom and won’t look good. Also the batter should be at the right consistency to give it that fluff and airy texture. In this post I am bringing to you this easy, yummy, fluffy and airy Dhokla recipe which can be made really quick and taste best. Try this recipe for your next appetizer or for your next party and share it with your friends and family. So let’s begin and see how to make this.

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