Indo Chinese Dhokla Sandwich

by Ronika

Hello to all my lovely foodies. Hope you guys are doing Awesome. Well in my last recipe I shared how make Instant Dhokla. So when my Dhokla Batter was little left I still went ahead and pour it into my greased pan. And then I realized that it wasn’t enough, it would be a thin layer of dhokla. But being crazy and inquisitive I still kept it for steaming and then I thought why not to share with you this easy dhokla sandwich recipe. But wait a min there are so many sandwich recipe out there that I wondered what else I could do and make it different and innovative for you. So being a Chinese food lover I thought of trying the Chinese masala into the dhokla and make it grilled. And here begins the recipe of this yummy Dhokla Sandwich. So without me saying anything to you let’s start making Dhokla Sandwich.

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