Tomato Basil Rice

by Ronika

So I have this whole bunch of fresh basil leaves from my patio waiting for me to cook something. It’s a busy lazy kind of day and I am not in any mood to cook proper dinner. But what else can I make instead of pasta and noodles in one pot and something that can be ready within 30 min. So, here I remember one day while being at home I was very hungry and I cooked tomato rice which got ready in 30 min and also was very flavorful. So I decide to make this tomato rice but with the flavor of basil in it. And the end result was mind blowing. 😉 Well it was very delicious that I saved some for my next day office lunch but due to its aromatic flavor I ended up eating it for my breakfast. Now you guys can imagine how wonderful and amazing it was… So here I am with the recipe for you guys to make this next and share with me your comments below.

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