Legumes/Beans/Lentils Glossary (Commonly used in India)

by Ronika
Hindi Name English Name
Sabut Moong Dal Whole Green Gram
Moong Dal / Moong Chilka Green Gram Split
Dhuli MoongDal Green Gram Split and Skinned
Masoor Dal Red Lentil
Tuvar / Toor Dal / Arhar Dal Pigeon Peas Split and Skinned
Chana Dal Bengal Gram Split
Kala Chana / Chole Bengal Gram Whole
Safed Chana / Chole / Kabuli Chana Chickpeas / Garbanzo Beans
Rajma Red Kidney Beans
Moth Moth Beans
Matar Dal Dried Peas Split
Lobiya / Chawla Black Eyed Beans
Urad Chilka Dal Black Gram Split
Urad Dal Black Gram Split and Skinned
Sabut Urad Dal Whole Black Gram

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