Tips for making Crispy Dosa

by Ronika

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, Snack or dinner.. Dosa is perfect for every meal and at anytime. So to make perfect Dosa you need to make sure of few things.

1. Your batter should be fermented good. To ferment in the microwave keep it covered for about 8-9 hours. Under sun keep it for about 4-5 hours.
2. Your Dosa skillet should be very hot. When your sprinkle water it should immediately get evaporated. This would tell you your pan is ready to pour the batter.
3. Always apply oil with a brush or cut the onion into half and apply the oil with it. This would help to grease the pan from all the sides.
4. Never flip the Dosa and cook it to the other side. It’s always cooked just from one side.
5. Also when you pour batter start from the middle and move your ladle into circular motion till it’s spreaded all over. You need to be quick with this step.
6. When you see the edges of the Dosa have got some crisp and it’s cooked then only touch the spatula to unstick it from pan. If you do this before this also won’t let the Dosa to get crispy. So basically this step needs a little experience. When you make one or two you would know what I am talking about.
7. When you see net/bubbles kind of thing in your Dosa it tells you that your Dosa is perfect. And your batter was fermented very well.

If you want to know the recipe for this, do write me below. Stay tuned for many more coming recipes and tips and tricks about cooking. Stay with me in this Fantasy world and make our would much more yummilicious 😋

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