Rajasthani Ghevar

by Ronika

Ghevar is a traditional delicacy from the state of Rajasthan which is liked by people all over the world. This flaky and delicious dessert which is served with Sugar syrup, Rabdi, Thickened sweetened milk or Kheer. Ghevar brings back lots of my memories from my native place. It reminds of that little night time we family use to spend while having milk ghevar at night. It reminds me of those winter weddings where my favorite stall was this one place where you get hot steamed and thickened milk with the ghevar. Since living in a place like Rajasthan you get endless types of sweets from traditional to fusion and so you never get chance to try your hands on them. But when you are away from your place and you feel like eating those things there is no other option than cooking it by yourself. So here I have this very simple and easy recipe. You just need few ingredients and few tips to take care and your ghevar would be deliciously ready…

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