Indian Masala Pasta

by Ronika

We all love pasta. Pasta is a typical staple Italian diet, but it’s now popular all across the globe. And kids enjoy eating them a lot. Though we know it’s not healthy to eat them a lot but we all have a soft corner for pasta and pizza and by looking at them we forget everything. But who said you have to stop any of these to be healthy. You eat them and can still be healthy and fit. Yes you heard right, you must be knowing that these days pasta are available in various types. You can always go for the one who like and of course is healthier. And by cooking them with veggies and Indian spices it would not just add taste and flavor to your regular pasta but will also add some nutrition’s too. So grab the one you like right now and start making it with me. I am here using the regular one for this recipe. This recipe will give you a right Indian Taste and would become favorite of your grandparents too. Do try this and share with them.. SO let’s go to the recipe…

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