Khoba Roti

by Ronika

Here I bring for you yet another Rajasthani or Marwari Recipe. Khoba Roti is a Traditional originated from villages in Jodhpur. And now this Indian bread is made in the most regions of Marwar. I know you guys must have heard about Bajra Roti, Tikkad and Bejad ki Roti but this is another treat in your bucky to go for another party right from the taste of Marwar. Khoba means lowering down with pressure in Marwadi Language. So like the name suggest we will be making a thick version of Roti or Bread and then would be pinching it by pressure to give the texture of Khoba. Trust me this amazing thing goes perfect with any vegetable or Dal. But to enhance it taste and eat at best try this with some simple moong dal, lehsun chutney, raw onion as salad and a green chili. Or you might add some raw mango pickle to go around with it. Ahaan… Don’t forget to put a full dollop of ghee on it. Ghee takes out the best taste from anything. Generally this is made on homemade tandoor or traditional cooking method used in villages of Rajasthan. But it can also be made on tawa or a pan. If you have a tandoor at home I would highly recommend you guys to make it in tandoor and taste the best of it. But if you don’t have one don’t worry, we can make it either way. So let’s quickly begin making this amazing thing right now.

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