Rajasthan Gud Halwa

by Ronika

Hello foodies, hope you all must be doing good and enjoying the holidays… First of all so sorry 😐 for not posting recipes from such a long but I was really busy and sick.. so finally I have got few recipes for you all before the year ends.. so that you guys can make your winter holidays and the last few days of 2017 much more delicious and yummilicious… so let’s see what I have here for you.. this Sheera or Halwa whatever you call.. is the most easiest recipe and trust me very much delicious 😋 I have memories attached to this recipe. It’s my father’s Recipe and he use to make this for all of us in winter for breakfast.. And also this was the first dessert which I made at my in-laws’ house for the first time in the kitchen.. so let’s quickly see how to make this…


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