Ras / Aamras / Mango Pulp

by Ronika

Who Loves Mango..?? Of Course everyone.. Summers is all about Mangoes after all mangoes are the best thing happened in summers. It beats right with the heat and provides a refreshment. It fuels up the energy and boost the power in us. I have childhood memories attached to mangoes. We as a Marwadi have a festival called “Nijala Ekgyaras” and on this day we are allowed to eat as many mangoes as we can throughout the day. So we eat mangoes, we eat ras puri, we drink mango shake, we eat mango ice cream. Simply it’s all mango thing we eat or drink the whole day. And so it is always been my fav day in the whole year. So today I am sharing with you this very simple and easy Ras or Aamras Recipe. I know it’s easy and simple but many people have doubts to get it the right way. This Ras can normally be used for eating with Puris, Rice, Roti or Plain Paratha. You can also use this for making the desserts. I am surely going to get some yummy mango dessert recipes make with the Ras.. So for that you guys need to stay tuned. Well coming back to the recipe.. Lets begin to make it..

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