Rajasthani Laapsi

by Ronika

Laapsi is a very old and traditional sweet made in rajasthan with the broken wheat. It’s so old that earlier in marriages the only dessert use to serve was Laapsi. And not only this for any occasion like marriages, birth, festivals, house warming, baby shower this traditional sweet was made and served to the entire society. This dessert is not only easy to make but very healthy to eat. It’s been so long that even we haven’t had this Laapsi. So I decided to make this and relive those moments again. Well my laapsi turned out exactly how it tastes in rajasthan. This sweet you will not get at any sweet shop, you have to try this out at home. And make sure to make this in winter atleast once a month and it’s very much healthy. This can go as a very good breakfast for your family. As it’s always said that try to eat sweets in the morning as you get entire day to burn those calories. So without me talking much lets dive into the sea of this aromatic laapsi.

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