Moong Badam Chakki (Barfi)

by Ronika

Moong Badam Chakki is the most delicious and scrumptious sweet which everyone likes. I would not say that itโ€™s easy to prepare as it takes lot of time and your patience while cooking and setting down. But the result is yummilicious. And why not every good thing requires a little patience. Am I right?

Being a Marwari Dal Halwa, Dal Pakode, and Dal Chakki.., everything with Dal reminds me of my home. Chakki use to be made on every occasions, it was actually a mandatory sweet. And so this Diwali I am treating my husband with this very delicious and yet healthy Chakki. Itโ€™s delicious because itโ€™s sweet but itโ€™s healthy too if you reduce a bit of sugar as itโ€™s made with lentil and almonds.

So without wasting any moment now letโ€™s begin.

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