Rajasthani Moong Dal Vade/Pakode (Traditional Lentil Fritters)

by Ronika

Hey folks, hello again.. See I told you I will be back soon with another great and delicious recipe.. So here I am with this winter special recipe which has to be made before the end of 2017.. Yes you guys have to try this before the year ends.. I always like winters tough I feel lot cold. It’s always good to have good food, watch movies and be in your cozy all the time.. Well I have not travelled much in bus in Rajasthan but whenever I did the smell of this Vade has attracted me to it.. Whenever you go to Rajasthan do have at least one bus journey and which ever stop you get this Dal Vade just have it.. It smells so good and more than that it taste heavenly delicious.. Especially when it’s winter who says no to a cup of tea along with this yummy Fritters.. Don’t worry you don’t have to travel there to eat them you can make it in your kitchen and can enjoy it with your family at your place.. So let’s get started..

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