Jodhpur Special Gulab Jamun Sabji/Gravy

by Ronika

Hello foodies, today’s recipe is the shaan of Jodhpur. Yes, and it’s Gulab Jamun Sabji. You will not find this Gulab Jamun Sabji and Kabuli rice anywhere in Rajasthan except Jodhpur. This delicious and yummilicious Sabji is made with Gulab Jamun dipped in the gravy and served with Rotis or rice. By making Gulab Jamun you can make 2 things. The sweet Gulab Jamun and the curry. I know you guys must be in the dilemma that how Gulab Jamun Sabji can be made but yes we are so creative that we have used fried dry gulab jamuns and dipped them into a yummy gravy made with yogurt. And the fried Gulab jamuns are enough to tempt me… So without talking much let’s start the recipe and trust me the end result is worth it.

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